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Many poisonings result from eating human prescription medications. It is very important to keep all medication away from your dog and cat. Never give your dog/cat human mediation without consulting a veterinarian. 1 tablet of acetaminophen (Tylenol) can kill a cat. Symptoms will vary depending on the medication and some of the long acting medications may result in poisonings a few hours after ingestion. If your pet develops abnormal behavior or dilated pupils, vomiting and diarrhea, disorientation, irregular breathing/heartbeat, collapse or seizures, transport to your vet or emergency facility immediately- if there is known exposure then take the bottle or prescription with you. You can also consult the animal poison center: Call (888) 426-4435 or Animal Urgent Care.
  • Tylenol Poisoning: Tylenol (acetaminophen) is very toxic to cats and should never be given. One tablet of extra-strength Tylenol can kill a cat.
  • Aspirin/Ibuprofen: Various forms of non steroidal anti-inflammatory products are available over the counter (Naproxen, Motrin, Advil). These are very toxic in cats at very low doses and can also toxic in dogs. These medications cause stomach ulcers, bleeding, kidney and/or liver failure. Never give your pet medications without first consulting your veterinarian.
  • Asthma inhalers: Puppies have been known to bite into the inhaler and receive a full dose of the asthma medication. This can have serious effects on the heart and cause severe drops in potassium.
  • Heart and Blood Pressure medications: either of these medications can result in serious poisoning.
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