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Animals often sustain various kinds of trauma from being bitten by other animals, to falls, or being hit by a motor vehicle. A veterinarian should evaluate animals that have been injured or traumatized. Care must be taken to move an injured animal to prevent further injury as well as protect you from being bitten or scratched. First approach injured animals slowly especially if they are not your pet. Look for the animal to be breathing. For injured cats, place a laundry basket over the animal and use a large towel to scoop it into the basket. Be very careful as an injured cat will scratch or bite. In dogs that are very painful and may bite, use a belt or leash to tie the mouth shut and move the animal onto a towel or board for transport to a veterinarian. If you find an injured pet, but do not know who the owner is, contact your local animal control or humane society to have the pet picked up and transported if possible. Do NOT try to set fractured legs. Traumatic wounds can result in some heart and lung problems that may not develop for a few hours after the trauma. If your pet has suffered a traumatic event, transport to veterinarian or Animal Urgent Care immediately.

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